qaswida za harusi mp3 download

qaswida za harusi mp3 download

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About Kaswida or Qaswida Music

The qaṣīda (also spelled qaṣīdah; is originally an Arabic word قصيدة, plural qaṣā’id, قصائد; that was passed to some other languages such as Persian: قصیده or چكامه, chakameh, and Turkish: kaside) is an ancient Arabic word and form of writing poetry, often translated as ode, passed to other cultures after the Arab Muslim expansion. 

The word qasidah is still used in its original birthplace, Arabia, and in all Arab countries.

The classic form of qasida maintains a single elaborate metre throughout the poem, and every line rhymes on the same sound. It typically runs from fifteen to eighty lines, and sometimes more than a hundred.

The genre originates in Arabic poetry and was adopted by Persian poets, where it developed to be sometimes longer than a hundred lines.

qaswida za harusi mp3 download