Who Is Xander Schauffele’s Wife? Get to know more about About Maya Lowe

Maya Lowe and Xander Schauffele have been friends since their undergraduate days.

Seven years after they first hooked together in 2014 and getting married. In a news conference held shortly after the wedding, the professional golfer said, “It’s been a long time coming. “Since we’ve been dating for a while, we’ve chosen to announce our relationship. We’re overjoyed.

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The 2021 Tokyo Olympics gold medalist, Schauffele, a San Diego native, has been a professional golfer since 2015. He comes from a sporty family as well; according to The New York Times, his father Stefan, who serves as his swing coach, was scheduled to compete for Germany in the heptathlon in the Olympics before a traffic accident left him blind in one eye.

Despite having a demanding job, he always finds time

Who is the wife of Xander Schauffele? Everything you need to know about Maya Lowe and her connection to the golfer is provided here.

She met Schauffele at college in 2014

While they were both students at San Diego State University in 2014, Schauffele and Lowe fell in love.

The caption for a photo of the couple that Schauffele shared on Instagram in March 2015 read, “One year with this amazing girl, could not be happier.”

She married Schauffele in 2021

In July 2021, the couple exchanged vows at their Las Vegas residence. Golf claims that Schauffele and Lowe kept the wedding small and personal, inviting only eight members of their family, one officiant, and their two dogs.

Schauffele posted an Instagram picture of the couple as newlyweds and their dogs soon after their wedding. He wrote, “My wife, my best friend.”

Also speaking to Golf about his wedding day, the PGA Tour player said, “Normally, I have a superpower when it comes to crying, but that day? Waterworks in full force.

About six months after Schauffele’s Hawaii’s Maui proposal, they were married. Lowe posted two pictures of the couple with the caption, “I am so grateful to be by the ocean again this time of the year,” on Instagram in 2023.

She has visited Japan with Schauffele

The New York Times reports that Schauffele has multiple family who reside close to Tokyo. His mother, Ping-Yi Chen, was born in Taiwan and was reared in Japan, and Lowe has visited the nation with her husband.

Schauffele shared a photo of the couple visiting the island of Miyakojima on Instagram in October 2022. He showed some of his relatives pictures of himself and his wife a few days previously.

He captioned the picture, “Time well spent in Japan with family and friends,”

She didn’t know much about golf before meeting Schauffele

His wife didn’t watch the game growing up, and Lowe didn’t realise he was a golfer when she first met her future husband, per his 2021 profile with Golf.

After the 2021 Ryder Cup, she informed her husband, “I’ve got the lingo down. We’re getting there,” to which Schauffele subsequently retorted.

She has a role in the Xander Schauffele Family Foundation

Lowe, a former administrator in the healthcare industry, currently works for the Xander Schauffele Family Foundation. The charity, according to Schauffele’s website, focuses on both young golf and “environmental protection and sustainable practises.”

The website says, “The Xander Schauffele Foundation is dedicated to making a difference in the world through funding and grants.”

Taking a more “active role” in her husband’s organisation, Lowe declared on Instagram in July 2022 that she was “[looking] forward to making an impact.”

She has two dogs with Schauffele

The pair has two dogs, including Chewie, a French bulldog they adopted in 2019. “Meet the newest addition to our family,” Schauffele captioned a photo of himself with Lowe, their French bulldog, and the holiday season that year on Instagram. Happy Holidays everyone!”

On social media, Schauffele and Lowe frequently post pictures of their dogs. Lowe posted a video of Chewie on Instagram in October 2022 with the remark, “My little house hippo,” while Schauffele posted a photo of himself with Chewie and their other dog, Momo, in honour of National Dog Day in August 2022.

She supports her husband’s golf career

Lowe frequently promotes her husband’s work, particularly on social media. In September 2022, after helping the USA win the 14th Presidents Cup, Schauffele uploaded photos from the event to Instagram with the message, “What a week it was.”

Additionally, she served as her husband’s caddie at the Masters Par 3 Competition in Augusta, Georgia.

Schauffele posted a photo from the occasion to Instagram with the message, “Glad to have this one on the bag for the Par 3 contest.”

She’s close friends with Patrick Cantlay’s fiancée Nikki Guidish

Schauffele and Lowe travelled to California’s Napa Valley with Cantlay and Guidish in September 2022, which also happened to be the month of Cantlay and Guidish’s engagement.

Several pictures from the trip were tagged with, “Xander and I are so happy for you both, and glad we got to celebrate your special moment.”

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Later that month, Lowe and Guidish attended the 2022 Presidents Cup in support of their partners. At the competition, the two met former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and posed for a picture next to a tee box.