Who is Kathryn Chandler? Everything you Need to Know About Kyle Chandler’s wife

Kathryn Chandler, an American author, and actress, is the wife of Kyle Chandler. She is known for her roles in The Willies in 1990 and Red Shoe Diaries in 1992. Kyle, her spouse, is a Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2011. He is famous for his work in movies and series such as Friday Night Lights on NBC, King Kong, Grey’s Anatomy, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Zero Dark Thirty, Game Night, and more.

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According to her IMDb profile, Kathryn Chandler has worked as an animator on various projects, including Clifford the Big Red Dog in 2021, The One and Only Ivan in 2020, The Lion King in 2019, and others. These fascinating films are well worth seeing.

Profile Summary
Real nameKathryn Chandler
Gender Female 
Age 54
Date of birth1967
Birthplace USA
Nationality American 
Profession Actress 
Height 5’5 inches
Weight 58 kg
Hair colorDark Brown 
Eye colorGreen 
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac signN/A
Marital statusMarried 
Alma materN/A
Parents N/A
Children2 children 
Net worthN/A
Childhood & Biography

Her given name is Kathryn MacQuarrie, also known as Kathryn Chandler. Her precise birth date and place of birth are unknown. She is from the United States of America and has American citizenship, yet her ethnic background is unknown. There is currently little information known about her additional personal characteristics, such as her family background and exact birth dates.

Her educational background has not been revealed. It is probable that she attended elite colleges and universities, but specifics are not publicly available.

Kathryn Chandler family

MacQuarrie and Kyle first met at a dog park in the 1990s, where they eventually fell in love. Their marriage took place in 1995, and they have two daughters, Sydney and Sawyer. Kyle volunteers as a firefighter in their neighbourhood.

The parents made educational options for their daughters as they grew older. Their elder daughter went a university in Europe, while their younger daughter attended high school. People can no longer recognise their daughters on the streets because they have matured into young adults.

Despite the regular ups and downs of any partnership, Kyle and MacQuarrie’s marriage has stayed devoid of extramarital affairs scandals. They once had a furious dispute but resolved to overcome all obstacles together, stating, “Nothing will ever happen to us.” We’re going to see it through.”

They lived in Los Angeles for over two decades until 2007, when they relocated to Dripping Springs, Texas. Donkeys and numerous dog varieties share the family’s household. Kyle was influenced by his parents, Edward Chandler (a pharmaceutical sales agent) and Sally Jeanette (a dog breeder). Kyle grew up going to dog shows with his parents and helping out at the dog boarding kennel.

Kathryn Chandler is 165 cm tall and has dark brown hair and green eyes. She is well-known for her discretion and modesty. Her literary career accounts for the majority of her financial worth. Her adoring husband adores her as well, and the couple is regarded as one of the best Hollywood parents and marriages in history.

Kathryn Chandler: Ex & Current Husband

In terms of public documents, Kathryn Chandler does not appear to have an ex-husband. Kyle, her sole known and current relationship, is still her husband at the time of writing.

Kyle is an actor who shares Kathryn’s passion for dogs, which helped bring them together.

Their paths first crossed in 1993 at a dog park in Los Angeles, where both frequented to walk their beloved pets. Although they encountered each other multiple times, it was only after some time that they engaged in a conversation.

Taking the initiative, Kathryn made a playful joke by asking her dog to jump on Kyle, and to her delight, her normally disobedient dog obliged. Six months later, he mustered the courage to ask her out, and they have been together ever since. Unlike many celebrities, the couple prefers to keep their personal life away from the public eye, valuing their privacy.


Kathryn excels professionally as an actress, writer, and animator. In 1990, she made her acting debut in the film “The Willies.” In addition, in 1995, she demonstrated her literary abilities by publishing a book named ‘Red Shoe Diaries.’

Kathryn’s writing talents also extend to the American Drama series ‘Red Shoe Diaries,’ where her work appeared in three episodes from 1994 to 1995.

However, it was after the year 2019 that Kathryn’s popularity as an animator soared. She was credited with creating the highly popular animation ‘The Lion King’ in that year.

Another remarkable animation she worked on is ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold,’ an Adventure, Comedy, and Family film, where a teenage explorer named Dora leads her friends on a mission to save her parents and uncover the mysteries of a lost city of gold.

Kathryn’s work as an animator in the film ‘Lady and the Tramp,’ directed by Charlie Bean, earned her acclaim. In the same year, she contributed to the animation ‘Cats,’ which revolves around a tribe of cats known as the Jellicles, who must decide which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and be reborn into a new Jellicle life.

Looking ahead, Kathryn has an exciting project set for the year 2021. She is all set to release the amazing animation titled ‘Clifford The Red Big Dog.’

Kathryn Chandler’s Net worth

Kathryn Chandler’s acting career is flourishing, yet she prefers to keep her net worth undisclosed. She instead concentrates on giving her greatest performances as an actress.

While exact financial facts are rarely made public, estimates of her net worth are based on what people believe her assets to be. Her net worth is estimated to be at $1 million.