Tanasha Donna Overjoyed after Spotting Her Photo on Matatu: “Love My Country Always”

  • Tanasha Donna was as happy after she spotted her picture on a matatu and noted how grateful she was for the lovely gesture
  • The mum of one noted that she was appreciative of her country people as they constantly show her love
  • Tanasha and her son Naseeb have been serving mother-and-son goals for Ramadan as she shared lovely pictures where they twinned

After noticing a picture of herself on a matatu, Kenyan fans of vocalist Tanasha Donna were overjoyed.

Tanasha on matatu

In the photo, Tanasha looked stunningly gorgeous as she always does with her hand holding the back of her head.

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She expressed her gratitude to her fellow citizens for their unfailing devotion for her.

The Gere hitmaker is celebrating Ramadan with her son Naseeb Junior and she could not help but post up cute pictures while they were together.

The two rocked similar attire with NJ’s being all white and Tanasha rocking a peach one. They served mother and son goals.

Tanasha converts to Islam

The singer startled her audience in 2019 when she and Diamond Platnumz appeared in Muslim garb.

In the same year, the CEO of WCB revealed via his Instagram account that he had bought the outfits they would wear together during Ramadan.

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Fans of the singer responded to the message angrily at the time. Esma Platnumz broke the news of her conversion first, and according to her, the singer converted voluntarily while she was dating the Wasafi leader.

Tanasha spends time with Jamal’s family for Ramadan

Separately, a mother of one wore a lovely hijab to celebrate Ramadan in 2022 with Jamal Gaddafi’s family.

Along with Jamal’s family, the former radio host observed her first Ramadan.

Last year, Jamal urged followers to address Tanasha by her Islamic name, Aisha, in an Instagram post.

He wrote:

Thanks for coming to break the fast with us Bi Aisha. May Allah grant you what your heart desires.”

Tanasha replied to the post, and she said:

“You have such a beautiful family Mashallah.”