Patricia Southall, Get to know more about Emmitt Smith’s Ex-Wife

Patricia Southall

Patricia Southall is a well-known public figure who is linked to former NFL running back Emmitt Smith. She was born on December 11, 1970, and is a talented woman who has built a name for herself in a variety of fields, including beauty pageants, acting, and philanthropy.

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However, she gained significant attention as the ex-wife of Emmitt Smith, one of the greatest football players in NFL history. Let’s delve into her background, rise to fame, and the details of her relationship with the football legend.

Quick Facts

Birth DateDecember 17,1970
Full NamePatricia Annette Southall
Birth NamePaticia Annette Southall
ProfessionSocial activist, former beauty pageant
Birth CityVirginia
Birth CountryUS
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseEmmitt Smith, Martin Lawrence (m. 1995–1997)
No Of Children4
Early Life and Pageant Success

Patricia Southall, who is originally from Chesapeake, Virginia, began her career as a beauty queen. She won the Miss Virginia USA pageant in 1993, earning her a ticket to the prestigious Miss USA competition. She boldly represented her state on the national stage with composure, grace, and charisma.

Patricia Southall dazzled judges and fans alike during the Miss USA pageant in 1994, and she emerged triumphant, gaining the crown and the title of Miss USA 1994. This victory opened doors in the entertainment world for her and set the foundation for her future endeavours.

Venturing into Acting

Patricia Southall pursued acting after her pageant win. She appeared in several television shows and films, demonstrating her talent and versatility.

Though her acting career did not achieve the same degree of success as her past endeavours, she was able to leave a great impact on spectators.

The Marriage to Emmitt Smith

Patricia Southall’s life changed forever when she met Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith. They fell in love and married on April 22, 2000. Because they were a power couple in their respective areas, their marriage drew attention from both sports and entertainment media.

Emmitt Smith’s successful football career and Patricia’s background as Miss USA and an actress made them a high-profile couple in the public eye. Their relationship seemed to be a match made in heaven, but like many celebrity unions, it faced its share of challenges.

The Divorce and Beyond

Patricia Southall and Emmitt Smith’s marriage suffered setbacks after several years of marriage, and they chose to divorce. They divorced officially in 2002, which received a lot of media attention. Despite the breakup, they stayed committed to co-parenting their children and maintaining a respectful relationship.

Patricia remained active in philanthropic work and philanthropy after her divorce. She used her position to advocate for causes near to her heart and to make a difference in her community.


Patricia Southall’s journey has been marked by achievements, from winning beauty pageants to making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. However, her connection with Emmitt Smith thrust her into the spotlight even further.

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While their marriage did not last, Patricia remains a powerful figure, using her platform for humanitarian endeavours and making a difference in the lives of others. Her experience serves as a reminder that even in the midst of personal difficulties, one may find methods to constructively contribute to society.