Ivanna Bay; Alleged Mother of Davido’s Unborn Child Amidst Cheating Scandal

Ivanna Bay is a new moniker that has surfaced amid the ongoing paternity debate involving Nigerian music sensation Davido. Allegations that the 22-year-old French real estate agent is also carrying the musician’s child have been made. Ivanna Bay has joined the growing number of women claiming to have dated Davido after her Instagram account began to acquire popularity.

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Ivanna Bay’s Background and Social Media Presence

Ivanna Bay is a Paris-based real estate agent, according to her official Instagram account. She has a sizable following on the network, with 128,000 users, and is connected to Poesy and Place Patrimoine. She is listed as being 22 years old on her page, and she gives her fans glimpses into her life.

Her Instagram bio states, “Better to have remorse than regrets.” She works in real estate and dabbles in Instagram influencer marketing, sharing fashion and leisure content. Additionally, Ivanna Bay has worked with the dentistry company Big Smile to promote their whitening strips on social media.

The Allegations Against Davido

When Ivanna Bay posted on her official Instagram account to express her shock at learning she wasn’t the only woman carrying Davido’s child, the debate surrounding his alleged adultery and paternity allegations intensified. It seems she was alluding to Anita Brown, a second purported mistress of Davido from the United States.

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Ivanna Bay uploaded screenshots of discussions with Davido, a video of her positive pregnancy test, and a document from a French medical institute certifying a positive pregnancy blood test in a series of now-deleted Instagram stories postings on June 28, 2023. The claimed discussions gave away Davido’s involvement and made people wonder how many alleged baby mothers he has.

Ivanna Bay’s Connection to Davido

Ivanna Bay asserted that her relationship with Davido started during the French record promotion for his Timeless. She disclosed that Davido had expressed interest in some of her Instagram photos, indicating some kind of communication between the two. Their specific relationship and time frame are yet unknown, though.

The Growing List of Accusers

Ivanna Bay has now added her name to a long list of women who have come out to claim that Davido is the father of their offspring. Anita Brown from the United States, who recently made headlines for her paternity allegations against the musician, is one of these women. It is significant to remember that Davido is currently wed to Chioma Rowland, and it is clear that these accusations have strained their union.

In Conclusion

The already stormy paternity controversy involving Davido has become even more complicated as a result of the accusations made by Ivanna Bay. The general public is eagerly awaiting new information and clarifications on these charges as the story develops.