Who is Trick Daddy..? All you need to know

Trick Daddy – was born Maurice Samuel Young, born in the United States on September 27, 1974, is a rapper, composer, and producer. Trick Daddy, a native of Miami, Florida, rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s because to his distinctive fusion of Southern hip-hop and grimy street lyricism.

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He’s established a reputation as one of the founders of Miami hip-hop with the release of multiple successful singles and albums throughout the course of his career. Let’s explore this important artist’s life and career, including his formative years, ascent to prominence, and enduring influence on the music business.

Trick Daddy’s Quick Bio
NameMaurice Samuel Young
BornSeptember 18, 1974
Birth SignLibra
CountryFlorida, U.S.A
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
FatherCharles Young
MotherPearl Brockington
SpouseAmane Joy Burnett Young (Ex)
Net Worth$200 thousand
Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

The Miami, Florida neighborhood of Liberty City is where Trick Daddy was born and reared. He had a difficult upbringing in a low-income area that was plagued by violence and poverty.

However, it was in this setting that Trick Daddy grew to appreciate music and realized his rapping skill. He was motivated by the Miami rap culture to refine his technique and develop his own distinctive sound.

Rise to Fame:

With the release of his second studio album, “www.thug.com,” Trick Daddy had a breakthrough. His first big hit from the album was “Nann Nigga,” which he collaborated on with Trina, another rapper.

The song’s popularity gave Trick Daddy nationwide exposure and paved the way for his eventual ascent to prominence. He released “Thugs Are Us,” a critically lauded album in 2000, with the hit singles “I’m a Thug” and “Shut Up.” His captivating style and unfiltered, honest words on display in these songs connected with listeners all over the nation.

Musical Style and Impact:

A combination of Miami bass, gangsta rap, and Southern hip-hop may be heard in Trick Daddy’s music. He frequently spoke sociopolitical concerns, street life, and urban neighborhood battles, giving a voice to the oppressed. His music became known for his characteristic raspy voice and brash style, which brought him praise from other hip-hop artists.

Beyond music, Trick Daddy had a significant impact on the development of the Miami sound and the careers of future musicians from the city like Pitbull and Rick Ross.

Personal Struggles and Resilience:

Trick Daddy endured hardships and personal disappointments throughout his life despite his popularity. He openly struggled with health problems, such as a rare skin illness called lupus that caused him excruciating agony and had an adverse effect on his appearance.

He also battled legal issues and was frequently detained for a variety of infractions. Trick Daddy, however, showed incredible resiliency and tenacity by embracing his hardships as inspiration for his songs and refusing to let hardship define him.

Legacy and Continued Career:

Trick Daddy’s impact on the music industry and the Southern hip-hop scene cannot be overstated. He achieved commercial success with several platinum and gold albums, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in rap music.

Beyond his solo career, Trick Daddy collaborated with numerous artists, including Lil Wayne, Ludacris, and T.I., further expanding his influence. While he has released fewer albums in recent years, he remains an active artist and continues to perform live shows, delighting fans with his signature energy and charisma.

Studio albums
  • Based on a True Story (1997)
  • www.thug.com (1998)
  • Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 (2000)
  • Thugs Are Us (2001)
  • Thug Holiday (2002)
  • Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets (2004)
  • Back by Thug Demand (2006)
  • Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug (2009)
  • U Already Know (2014)
  • Di*k and Dynamite (2012)
  • Trick Daddy’s songs as the lead artist
  • Lead artist
  • Nann Nigga
  • Shut Up
  • Take It to Da House
  • I’m a Thug
  • In da Wind
  • Thug Holiday
  • Let’s Go
  • Sugar (Gimme Some)
  • Bet That
  • Tuck Ya Ice
  • Why They Jock
  • U Already Know
  • Paradise
Music videos
  • 1998 – Nann Nigga
  • 2000 – Shut Up (Remix)
  • 2000 – Amerika
  • 2000 – Boy
  • 2006 – Bet That
  • 2006 – Tuck Ya Ice


Trick Daddy’s rise to fame as a rapper from the rough Liberty City streets is evidence of his talent and tenacity. He truly depicted the reality of living in urban populations through his songs, striking a deep emotional chord with listeners.

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A new generation of artists have been inspired by Trick Daddy’s contributions to the hip-hop genre, notably in Miami, and his place in rap history has been cemented.