Who Is Larry Ray? All About the Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult Leader

An alleged sex cult allegedly existed at Sarah Lawrence College, a liberal arts college in New York, under the leadership of Larry Ray, a former lecturer. Ray was detained in 2019 and accused of numerous offenses of forced labor, extortion, and sex trafficking. Over the course of several years, he was accused of manipulating and abusing pupils by compelling them to take part in his so-called “therapy” sessions, which included psychological and physical assault.

Ray allegedly preyed on students who were struggling with mental health concerns or challenging familial circumstances. He persuaded them to take part in his unconventional therapy sessions, which included forced labor, physical torture, and sexual exploitation, in the hopes that he could assist them in overcoming their issues. He allegedly manipulated his victims into believing what he wanted

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Following his arrest, a number of Ray’s former pupils came forward to make abuse claims. One claimed that Ray had pressured her into having sex with him, and another claimed that he had forced her to marry him. Ray has maintained his innocence throughout the course of the proceedings of his case.

Who Is Larry Ray?

Larry Ray is a former professor who has been accused of being the leader of a sex cult at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. He was arrested in 2019 and charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, extortion, and forced labor. Ray allegedly manipulated and abused vulnerable students, forcing them to participate in his unorthodox therapy sessions that involved psychological and physical abuse, as well as sexual exploitation. He is currently awaiting trial and has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.