Who is Katharina Mazepa? Everything About Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend

Katharina Mazepa, a 27-year-old lady, is now legally single after filed for divorce from her three-and-a-half-year husband over a year ago.

Lenny And Lisa Hochstein Divorce

Lenny Hochstein claimed that he has moved on with Katharina Mazepa, a new partner in town, while confirming his divorce from Lisa Hochstein. Lenny, 55, confirmed that his relationship with Katharina began after the decision to file for divorce was taken.

On Monday, May 16, Lenny told Us Weekly, “This is a very difficult time, and I would ask for some privacy so that we can best take care of our children who mean the world to us.”

The remark came after Page Six said that Lisa, the Real Housewives of Miami star, confronted Lenny about his partying with Katharina in a Miami nightclub. Lenny, a plastic surgeon, stated that he first avoided discussing the ups and downs of his divorce with his ex-wife.

He went on to say, “Lisa and I are getting divorced.” I rejected this a few weeks ago since I am doing everything I can to protect my family during this process.” Logan, 6, and Elle, 2, are the children of the previous couple, who married in October 2009.

Everything you need to know about Katharina Mazepa throughout her romance with Lenny:

1. What Is Katharina Mazepa Doing?

Meet Mazepa, a 26-year-old fashion model who uses social media to promote her amazing picture shoots.

Mazepa proudly shared some of her most major successes in the fashion world in an honest interview with Naluda Magazine back in September 2021. Headlining a global campaign for renowned brand Guess, gracing the pages of top publications like Elle Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, receiving the prestigious title of Miss Vienna, and even appearing on the reality TV show The Hills: New Beginnings are among her accomplishments.

Aside from her flashy accomplishments, Mazepa also provided vital advise to young models looking for a career route. She underlined the significance of defining one’s personal boundaries and staying healthy in the face of today’s industry’s ever-changing beauty standards. Her advice was based on remaining true to oneself and upholding essential principles.

Mazepa’s career as a fashion model displays hard work, talent, and a dedication to staying loyal to her values. Her online presence has enabled her to not only reach a global audience, but also to encourage and advise those who follow in her footsteps. Mazepa continues to shine brilliantly in the world of fashion and beyond with her astounding accomplishments and wise comments.

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2. Katharina Mazepa’s Originality

Mazepa’s life has been one of discovery and adventure since his birth in Austria. She has lived in a number of exciting and different cities throughout the years, including Singapore, Barcelona, Munich, Italy, and South Africa. However, fate took her to the United States, where she now resides in the dynamic metropolis of Miami.

3. Katharina Mazepa Education Background

Despite her successful modeling career, Mazepa was able to get a degree in environmental engineering from the prestigious University of Vienna. Balancing the rigors of her job with the desire of further education demonstrates her perseverance and commitment to both her intellectual and creative interests. Mazepa’s dedication to making a positive difference on the environment adds another dimension to her inspiring journey.

4. How Much Is Katharina Making?

Mazepa frankly discussed her thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic prompted her to reconsider her strategy to earning a living in October 2021.

She highlighted her amazing financial accomplishment, having surpassed the million-dollar mark earlier that year, thanks to the incredible impact of social media on her business. It was a thrilling and somewhat strange experience for her to see her follower count rise from 40,000 to an impressive 1.7 million in such a short period of time. This exponential rise brought her not only financial success, but also wonder and thanks.

Despite her incredible accomplishments, Mazepa remains grounded and humble. She admitted that her current life situation much exceeds her wildest dreams, yet she remains grateful and mindful that nothing should be taken for granted.

Her experience exemplifies the power of perseverance, flexibility, and accepting new chances, especially in the face of unanticipated problems such as the epidemic. Mazepa’s tale inspires many others by illustrating that hard work, paired with the appropriate conditions and a real appreciation for life’s blessings, may lead to extraordinary achievements.

5. Who Is She Dating?

Mazepa and US diplomat Shilo Mazepa married in a lovely wedding in Spoleto, Italy, January 2019. Amina Dagi, a former Miss Universe contestant, served as her bridesmaid, adding to the wonderful event. Following their wedding, the pair settled in Washington, D.C., where they began their married life.

However, as years passed, their journey took an unexpected turn, and Mazepa filed for divorce in 2021, resulting in their current separation.

Mazepa has been in the arms of plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein since 2022. Dr. Hochstein is the estranged spouse of Lisa Hochstein of The Real Housewives of Miami. Mazepa and Dr. Hochstein are surely tackling life’s twists and turns with courage and grit as they begin on this new chapter together.