Who Is Juanita Vanoy? All About Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife

Who Is Juanita Vanoy

Who Is Juanita Vanoy – A well-known name in American business and entertainment is Juanita Vanoy. She gained notoriety as the ex-wife of retired basketball legend Michael Jordan. In addition, Vanoy has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman, former model, and American Bar Association executive secretary.

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Born on June 13, 1959, in Chicago, Vanoy grew up on the South Side of the city. Her marriage to Michael Jordan made her a household name, and the couple’s relationship was admired by millions of people worldwide. However, their highly publicized divorce after over a decade of marriage also made headlines and remains a topic of discussion to this day.

Profile summary

Date of birth13 June 1959
Juanita Vanoy age61 years
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois
ProfessionEntrepreneur and former model
Juanita Vanoy height167 centimetres
Marital statusDivorced
KidsJeffery, Marcus, and Jasmine
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBrown
Weight70 kgs
Net worth$200 mill
Who Is Juanita Vanoy?

Juanita Vanoy was born and raised in Illinois, USA. Although there are some articles that claim she has Puerto Rican roots, she is actually of multiracial heritage, with her father being American and her mother Cuban. Details about her early life and parents are scarce, and not much is known about her before she met Michael Jordan.

During her college years, Juanita was known for her hard work, intelligence, and poise. She was also interested in modeling and photography, and participated in numerous photoshoots and modeling gigs after finishing high school. Prior to being recognized as Michael Jordan’s girlfriend, Juanita worked as a loan officer at a bank and also modeled during her teenage years.

After completing her education, Juanita worked as an executive secretary and model for the American Bar Association. Her relationship with Michael Jordan brought her into the limelight, but she later made a name for herself as an entrepreneur. Today, Juanita is a successful businesswoman and former model with a net worth of $200 million. She has three children with Michael, and is divorced from the basketball legend.

Vanoy and Jordan’s relationship started after they met through friends.

Juanita Vanoy, a loan officer from the Southside of Chicago, first met Michael Jordan when they were introduced at a Bennigans restaurant in Chicago after a Bulls game in 1985. The introduction was made by a mutual friend who thought they would be a good match. Jordan proposed to Vanoy on New Year’s Eve in 1987, at a fancy downtown Chicago restaurant, after two years of dating, and she said yes.

There was a problem before Jordan and Vanoy tied the knot in 1989.

When they exchanged vows in November of 1989 at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan were already proud parents to a son named Jeffrey Jordan, who was born a year earlier. However, at first, Jordan was skeptical about his paternity.

According to The Washington Post, Vanoy’s attorney Michael Minton recounted a meeting with her in July 1988 where she disclosed her pregnancy and claimed that Jordan was the father. She felt that she needed a lawyer to get Jordan’s attention and cooperation. Jordan eventually admitted paternity a few months later, and Jeffrey was present at their wedding.

“It was a big move getting married. It helped me mature,” Jordan said, as reported by The Washington Post.

Vanoy and Jordan have three kids together.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy expanded their family with the arrival of two more children after Jeffrey. Their second son, Marcus, was born in 1990, and their daughter, Jasmine, followed in 1992. Despite their father’s legacy in basketball, neither of the boys pursued a career in the NBA.

Instead, Jeffrey is now leading the digital innovation for the Jordan Brand, while Marcus founded a boutique store named Trophy Room. Jasmine spent some time working for the Charlotte Hornets as a basketball operations coordinator and now works for Nike as a Jordan Brand executive, according to InStyle.

In an interview with Crain’s Chicago Business, Vanoy disclosed that she pushed her kids to develop their own identities. She didn’t want them to feel like they had to wear the number 23 or act like their dad. She preferred that they be commended for their special abilities and diligence.

Vanoy filed for divorce in 2002, but it wasn’t finalized until 2007

In 2002, Juanita Vanoy filed for divorce from Michael Jordan, citing irreconcilable differences. However, the couple reconciled shortly after, and Vanoy withdrew her petition. Unfortunately, four years later, in December 2006, Jordan and Vanoy announced their separation in a joint statement released by their lawyers.

“After 17 years of marriage, Michael and Juanita Jordan have mutually and amicably decided to end their marriage,” the statement read, according to People. “A judgment for dissolution of their marriage was entered today. There will be no further statements.”

The divorce settlement reportedly amounted to $168 million, which was one of the largest divorce settlements at the time, as reported by Chicago Business.

Despite the divorce, the couple remained amicable, with friends still surprised by the split. “But they communicate,” family friend Les Coney said to PEOPLE. “When Juanita couldn’t get the stereo to work, he’s the first person she called. And Michael was right there.”

She wasn’t in the documentary on purpose.

It may come as a surprise, but the lack of focus on Michael Jordan’s personal life in “The Last Dance” documentary was intentional. Despite Jordan being a notoriously private person, some viewers expected the documentary to delve deeper into his personal relationships. However, according to executive producer Mike Tollin, the focus was always intended to be on Jordan’s professional career.

“We had a checklist: gambling, a conspiracy theory about retirement, his father’s death, his lack of activism, and his teammates,” Tollin explained in an interview with ESPN. “I think we touched on all categories. From the start, we asked ourselves, ‘Is this a workplace drama, or is it a domestic one?’ We both believed it was a workplace story and [director] Jason [Hehir] and I shared a general disinterest of the wives and children of the lead characters.”

Juanita Jordan worth

Juanita Jordan’s current net worth stands at $200 million. She received a whopping $168 million as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband, which significantly contributed to her current net worth.