Linda Bazalaki and Curtis relationship: Are they still together?

Curtis and Linda Bazalaki are renowned for their flawless marriage proposal. In the proposal, Curtis gave it his all to make Linda feel so special that she couldn’t help but say yes. So, Linda and Curtis are still a couple?

The marriage of Linda Bazalaki and Curtis, which began as a charming love story, is well known. Prior to Curtis’ stunning stadium screen proposal, the pair led a fairly secluded life. Since then, a lot of people have been curious about them, especially their marriage.

Who is Linda Bazalaki?

In Uganda, Linda Bazalaki is a well-known public figure and a powerful blogger. She has a huge fan base as a result of her modeling work, fashion, and beauty material. Linda served as an air hostess for Captain Roy’s Alliance Air after being named Miss Uganda in 1993. Linda Bazalaki and Curtis relationship

She currently works as a nurse and a blogger who champions fashion and beauty with African influences.

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Linda Bazalaki ‘s love story

How Curtis Lahti and Linda Bazalaki connected is unknown. But Curtis’ amazing proposal is what most people recall about the lovely pair. Linda Bazalaki and Curtis relationship

In 2008, Linda Bazalaki and Curtis Lahti were televised on the enormous stadium’s screen right before the baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Washington Nationals.

Usually, when a couple sees themselves on the stadium screen, they kiss, but Curtis had another idea. He gave Linda a kiss before popping the question in front of everyone watching the game while kneeling down and displaying a stunning ring.

Linda Bazalaki was taken aback by the entire proposition; thrilled, she was left with no choice but to accept. The wedding of Curtis and Linda Bazalaki took place on December 20, 2008; it was quite opulent and had a large guest list.

Are Linda Bazalaki and Curtis still together?

Linda Bazalaki is still wed, right? Curtis Lahti and Linda Bazalaki are still reportedly wed, according to sources. The amazing duo has frequently been spotted together. But while being visible online and in the public eye, the adorable pair keeps their love and family life private, including the identities of their children.

Linda Bazalaki and Curtis now

Curtis Lahti and Linda Bazalaki are a blissfully united couple that reside in Las Vegas. Although they have two children, they have never disclosed any details about them. Linda is a registered nurse who currently works in the healthcare industry; she also has a BA in commerce. She is a blogger, influencer, and businesswoman as well.

Linda Bazalaki’s charitable work

Despite her professional success, Linda is committed to motivating and improving others. The former Miss Uganda now takes part in charity endeavors, including helping to fund healthcare programs in her native Uganda.


Although Curtis and Linda Bazalaki are still married, they keep their private affairs, including those of their children, private. They reside in Las Vegas, where Linda—a former Miss Uganda—works as a nurse in the medical field.

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