Kelly Bills wife cause of death: The story of Emily Bills

Kelly Bills is a well-known and effective college football coach who has held positions at various institutions. People were curious about his wife’s death because he kept the specifics of her passing a secret after she passed away on September 27, 2022. On The Jimmy Rex show recently, Kelly Bills was a guest and discussed the circumstances surrounding the loss of his wife. What caused Kelly Bill’s wife to pass away, then?

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One of the top offensive coaches is Kelly Bills. Kelly was employed at Utah State as an offensive assistant coach before joining Weber State as the quarterbacks coach. He guided Weber State to a productive campaign. The football world was shocked to learn of Kelly Bills’ wife’s passing in 2022, but he withheld the specifics of her cause of death.

Who is Emily Bills?

Kelly Bills, a well-known collegiate football coach, was married to Emily Bills. She was born on October 19, 1988, to Jeffrey and Karen Smith in Fort Polk, Louisiana. But she spent her early years in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Honolulu, Hawaii. Emily Bills was a member of the BYU Folk Dancers and a devoted supporter of the BYU Cougars while she was a student in Provo, Utah.

She had a great 3-point shot and enjoyed playing basketball with her buddies. She also cherished her time with her family at Newport Coast, California, the location where her husband, Kelly Bills, proposed to her. Emily Bill graduated from Brigham Young University in 2012 after completing her high school education in 2007.

What year did Kelly and Emily exchange vows? Prior to Emily Bills’ 2012 college graduation—more than ten years ago—Kelly and Emily Bills were already married. Emily Bills served as the primary president of the Tassajara Creek Ward in Pleasanton, California, both before and during her death.

How did Kelly Bills wife die?

Kelly Bills revealed for the first time about the passing of his wife on a recent episode of The Jimmy Rex Show. He describes how his beloved wife passed away while visiting her childhood home with family. Kelly Bills revealed that he dozed off next to Emily Bills the night before she passed away.

The next morning at 7:30 am, Bills awoke to his wife’s alarm and discovered her unconscious. While waiting for the paramedics, Kelly attempted CPR on Emily, but it proved ineffective in saving her.

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His wife’s lifeless body was lying on the bed when he noticed it, and he said it was like getting a “electrical shock through his body.” Kelly explained that on that particular night, their three-year-old child will be sleeping on their bed.

Emily Bills’ cause of death

What happened to the wife of Kelly Bills? During his appearance on The Jimmy Rex Show, Kelly Bills also disclosed details on his wife’s demise. He claimed that roughly three weeks following Emily Bills’ passing, medical professionals identified certain DNA abnormalities.

Sadly, the ailment was a result of a heart arrhythmia, or abnormal heartbeat. No one, not even Emily Bills and her family, was aware of it because there were absolutely no indications. When Emily Bills passed away at the age of 33, she and her partner Kelly Bills had three adorable small children.

Who did Emily Bills leave behind?

In her obituary, Emily Bills claimed to have been a devoted wife and mother. Her devoted husband Kelly Bills and her kids Jace, Cooper, and Brooks are still alive. Along with her grandparents Marjorie Crowley and Jeff and Karen Smith, Emily Bills also leaves behind her siblings Rebecca, John, Jeffrey, Erin, and Kara.


The cause of death of Kelly Bill’s wife has piqued the interest of many. In a recent appearance on The Jimmy Rex Show, Kelly Bills discussed the circumstances surrounding the passing of his wife. He claimed that Kelly Bills had a number of mutations, which led to a heart condition that ultimately led to her death. Unfortunately, there were no symptoms, thus neither Kelly nor her family members were aware of the issue.