Who is Connie Kline? All About Corinne Foxx’s mother

Connie Kline is a woman who has garnered attention as the mother of Corinne Foxx, an American actress and model.

While she is not a public figure, Connie Kline has played a significant role in her daughter’s life and career. Here are some key details about Connie Kline.

Background and Personal Life:

Not much is known about Connie Kline’s background and personal life. She has managed to keep a low profile despite her daughter’s fame. However, it is known that she was born and raised in the United States.

Motherhood and Parenting:

Connie Kline became a mother when she gave birth to Corinne Foxx on February 15, 1994. She raised her daughter in Los Angeles, California, and supported her dreams of becoming an actress and model. Connie Kline has been a positive influence in her daughter’s life, providing her with guidance and encouragement throughout her career.

Relationship with Her Daughter:

Connie Kline has a close relationship with her daughter Corinne Foxx. In interviews, Corinne has spoken highly of her mother, calling her a “great mom” and a “huge support system.” Connie Kline has attended many of her daughter’s events and premieres, showing her unwavering support.

Additionally, Corinne has followed in her mother’s footsteps, as Connie Kline was also a model in her youth. It is evident that the mother and daughter share a strong bond and have a lot of love for each other.


While Connie Kline is not known for her career, she has made a few appearances on screen. She has had small roles in movies like “Collateral” (2004) and “Material Girls” (2006). However, she has not pursued acting as a full-time career.


In conclusion, Connie Kline is a woman who has primarily stayed out of the public eye. However, she has played a significant role in her daughter’s life and career. Connie Kline has been a loving and supportive mother to Corinne Foxx, who has become a successful actress and model. While Connie Kline may not be a public figure, her impact on her daughter’s life cannot be underestimated.