AUDIO: Trio Mio – Achia | Download

AUDIO: Trio Mio – Achia | Download Mp3

Trio Mio – Achia -A new song by Trio Mio, a young and brilliant Hip Hop heavyweight recording artist from Kenya who is unquestionably on his path to become the finest, was just published and given the title Achia.

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The song “Achia” by Trio Mio is an example of contemporary pop music that lauds the allure of a woman’s curves. 2019 saw the release of the song in Kenya, and ever since then, it has been steadily gaining popularity there. Audiences have been said to be enthralled by the song due to its infectious rhythm and buoyant melody, both of which have been praised.

In addition to this, the song is one of the most well-known tunes in Kenya, and it is performed in a language combination of Swahili and English. The song is all about the curves of a woman, how lovely they are, and how they cause a guy to fall in love with the lady. It is an excellent illustration of contemporary Kenyan pop music, and you can be certain that it will get you moving your feet.

Listen to “Trio Mio – Achia” Below;