AUDIO: Kidum Kibido – Tucheze Rhumba | Download

AUDIO: Kidum Kibido – Tucheze Rhumba | Download Mp3

Kidum Kibido – Tucheze Rhumba –Kidum Kibido, a Burundian singer, songwriter, and musical artist who was named the best male artist of East Africa at the 2012 Kora Awards, has released a new song with the title Tucheze Rhumba.

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In addition, Kibido has released a new song titled “Tucheze Rhumba,” which is an exciting dance music containing an infectious combination of classical rhumba and contemporary sounds. The song has a strong African flavour and is energetic and catchy at the same time. The pulsating production by Kidum Kibido will in no time have listeners moving to the beat and singing along with the lyrics of the song.

In addition to this, the song is about appreciating the splendour of life and making the most of every moment of it. The words are full with encouraging and hopeful themes that are uplifting and inspirational to hear. This song is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser once people start dancing to it.

Listen to “Kidum Kibido – Tucheze Rhumba” Below;