AUDIO: Kelechi Africana – Alcoholic | Download

AUDIO: Kelechi Africana – Alcoholic | Download Mp3

Kelechi Africana – Alcoholic –Kelechi Africana, a recording artist from Kenya who is also a musician, singer, and songwriter, has returned with a new song that is named “Alcoholic.”

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The new single by Kelechi Africana is called “Alcoholic,” and it is a blend of trap and soul music. The song is about the hardship that modern Africans go through. The concept that the youth in Africa frequently confront the challenge of having to make a difficult choice between living a life of excess and living a life of stability served as the impetus for the writing of this song.

In addition, the lyrics of the song discuss the carefree lifestyle associated with partying as well as the lifestyle itself. It is a sincere caution to the listener, a reminder of the risks associated with going to extremes and the need of exercising self-control. The song has a seamless fusion of western and African musical styles, with a significant emphasis placed on an energetic Afro-trap atmosphere.

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