Jinsi ya kuzuia matokeo yasitoke | How to stop worrying about exam results

Jinsi ya kuzuia matokeo yasitoke | How to stop worrying about exam results

Jinsi ya kuzuia matokeo yasitoke -Students and their parents have consistently reported experiencing goosebumps after hearing the results. No matter if it’s a board test, an entrance exam, or the “monster” university exam, preparation is key. All of the worry that you had managed to shake off after the test was finished has mysteriously surfaced again just before the outcome.

It all boils down to how much time there is between now and when the results are released—a week? 2 days? Tomorrow? Oh, Today? The worry increases as the days go closer, and the tranquilly that comes with being on holiday disappears.

Having said that, this concern is pointless.

What I mean to ask is, what can be done about it. The papers were distributed a long time ago; the instructors have used their red pens to annotate on them; and a decision regarding your grade has already been made. Your anxiety will have no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the test. All of the worrying ought to have been finished off in advance of the examinations, within the time spent preparing.

However, I can empathise with how difficult it is for you to overcome this worry because I have been in your position before.

The first and most essential question is: How much of an impact does having good test results have?

The quick answer is no.

  1. Failure won’t decide your future

Really? “If I don’t do well on the test, what other options do I have to get into a reputable university?” – IF you are unsuccessful, you must, of course, investigate the factors that led to your failure. What transpired that resulted in you being unsuccessful or receiving such a poor grade? You weren’t able to study, or you just didn’t want to study? or you make a fool of yourself throughout the exam?

Because this is finally your future, and your parents have no responsibility for it, you are the only one involved in it.

If you were unable to study, you should try again the following year; you will likely perform better then.

If you didn’t feel like studying, maybe consider switching topics or maybe your field of study altogether. Nobody can be truly good at something they don’t enjoy doing. It’s just not possible.

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What if your anxiety is only present when you have tests to take?
On a typical day, you are perfectly prepared and can recollect practically all of the information you have studied, but on the day of the exam, you cannot for the life of you remember anything. You might try finding ways to deal with the tension. Because of the pressure of the exam, there was a period when I felt like throwing up and was really unsteady on my feet. And what helped me was taking meditation lessons, as well as doing little meditation sessions of ten minutes or so before each exam, which helped me relax and keep my anxiety in check. Strongly suggested as an option.

If your method were flawed
It is important to keep this in mind before the test: if you don’t know how to study, then you won’t know what to remember or how to remember it, which will lead to a poor performance on the test.

This is how I was when I was in the fifth grade; I was terrible in practically every subject and I had no idea how to study effectively. It is obvious that I could not have stumbled upon such strategies overnight; in fact, it took a few years before there was any evidence that they were effective.

As for how I found out about it, it was via the close friendships I had formed with the students who ended up being at the top of our class. I would never leave their side and copy all they did until the day came when I finally understood what really mattered. You can’t just walk up to them and ask, “How do you study that allows you to be at the top of your class?” – Naturally, they will be snarky and say something foolish, like the age-old favourite, “I DON’T STUDY AT ALL.” This is something that can only be believed by an idiot.

2. School is not for the degree

The majority of individuals are under the impression that going to school is done just to obtain a diploma signed by the principal. And of course, it’s not something you should boast about, no matter how much you study or whose college you attended. Instead, the purpose of education is to acquire certain useful abilities, such as reading, writing, and maths, among other things. When you have these skills, anything else that you could possibly want will come to you easily and without much effort because it will fall right into your lap.

Another aspect of education is that it does not serve as a destination in and of itself. It is not the case that once you graduate, you are finished for the rest of your life; rather, it is a stepping stone. You have nothing to fear. Although it is not quite as harsh, the procedure is far more saddle-like. The competition for excellent grades at school is similar to a race, while the learning process is more like a plodding turtle attempting to keep its balance. And I know that you will adore it. The most brilliant thinkers in a country are almost never discovered within the confines of a classroom.

SO never give up hope that you won’t be able to finish high school or that you won’t have the confidence to go to college… I believe you’ll be OK.

As you begin to think about it, you’ll discover that all of the information that is taught in school over the course of ten to fifteen years may be studied in a lot less time and for a lot less money.

3. Do not keep Astronomical expectations

The majority of kids are aware of their capabilities. However, it is their parents that have the most stringent expectations for their children. It’s sort of silly, and every parent ought to be aware that the wellbeing of their child is more essential than passing this pointless test. They are obligated to communicate this to them. Nobody is without value! He is unable to achieve any kind of success in life.

When parents lessen what they expect of their children, the stress levels of both the children and the parents go down dramatically.

4. Keep yourself busy

This is a method for diverting your attention till the date on which the outcome will be announced. It might be anything as basic as cleaning the house, going out with friends, playing video games, or any number of other things. It’s possible that it’s not the most efficient strategy, but it may be a helpful supplement to the ones you’re already using, like icing on a cake.

When we have strict parents who want us to go to a certain college, take a certain class, or pursue a certain career, this is the situation in which we find ourselves. And if you don’t like this line of work, you may expect your grades to suffer as a result.

Will you still consider yourself happy even if you end up with the highest grade in your class? Is this what you had in mind all along?

If you get into this now against your will, when you have children in the future you will make them do the same thing against their will.

Therefore, the greatest moment to pursue your goals and ambitions is right now, while you are waiting for the results of your test. “Remember that you are not under any obligation to stay in a constraint,” the speaker said.

What have you been avoiding doing and why? Is that the Guitar you have there? or the art classes themselves? Learning whatever you’ve ever wanted to know is now much simpler thanks to the internet. Put it to good use.