Matokeo Yanga vs Namungo leo 7 December 2022

Matokeo Yanga vs Namungo leo 7 December 2022

Matokeo Yanga vs Namungo leo -In the NBC Premier League matchup between Yanga SC and Namungo FC, which will take place in the Lindi region, Yanga SC will be the away team.

After playing its game against Tanzania Prisons on December 4, 2022, Yanga will play the game immediately afterward. In that game, Yanga was victorious over Tanzania Prisons by a score of 1-0 thanks to a goal scored by Kiungo from Zanzibar Feisal Salum Abdallah “Fei Toto” in the 89th minute of the late evening match.

When Yanga Sc has travelled with Namungo to compete in NBC Premier League matches, they have never been victorious.

Will Yanga Sc be able to win over Namungo Fc on this trip and break the taboo, or will Namungo Fc continue their dominance by not playing with Yanga Sc?

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Young Africans Sports Club, also known as Yanga, is a Tanzanian football club that plays its home games in the Jangwani neighbourhood of Dar es Salaam. The club was established in 1935, and the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is where its games are played when they are hosted there.

The team, known as “Yanga” (which literally translates to “Young Boys”), has not only competed in many editions of the CAF Champions League but has won 28 league titles and a number of domestic cup competitions. They are the current holders of five CECAFA Club Championship titles.

The club became identified with the anti-colonial movement during this time. The political organisation TANU was inspired to utilise yellow and green as their major colours because young Africans connected with nationalists and freedom warriors. The club is now working on keeping investors in control of 49% of the club’s ownership while giving club members control of the remaining 51% of the club’s shares.

In the Dar es Salaam derby, also known as the Kariakoo derby, the club has a long-standing rivalry with Simba, with whom they compete. The competition was placed fifth despite being one of the most well-known derbies to ever take place in Africa.

Yanga Sc History

The club’s origins can be traced back to the 1910s, but the club’s officially recognised history began in 1935. At that time, residents of Dar es Salaam, who were considered to be Africans by Tanganyika’s colonial administration, made the decision to form a football club in order to compete in a league that was dominated by “non-African” football clubs. It is rumoured that the club’s initials stand for “New Young.” Later on, the name Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC was adopted for the organisation, and eventually, Young Africans Sports Club took its place.

After the organisation was established in 1935, its members argued between themselves due to the poor performance and outcomes of their team. In 1936, the club’s performance was even lower than the year before, and it was deemed unsatisfactory; as a result, some of its members left to start a new team. Arabs who participated in the breakaway fans group were the ones who instigated the confrontation that led to the division of the club. They were successful, and as a result, dissidents joined together to form Queens F.C. Since then time, Young Africans and Simba have been fierce competitors against one another.

In 2020, Yanga will begin working for La Liga as a consultant for the organisation.

On May 27, the members of the club reached a consensus to alter the organization’s governing structure in order to provide room for private investments from other businesses.