Wafungaji Bora NBC 2022/2023 NBC Premier League

Wafungaji Bora NBC 2022/2023 NBC Premier League -When you are on the field, one of the most difficult things to do is score a goal, which is also one of the most difficult things to achieve overall. The following players finished the 2022–2023 season of the NBC Premier League with the most points.

Wafungaji bora NBC 2022/2023

  1. Fiston Mayele Yanga – 10
  2. Moses Phiri Simba – 8
  3. Sixtus Sabilo – Mbeya City Council – 7
  4. Reliant Lusajo – Namungo FC – 6.
  5. Idris Mbombo – Azam Fc – 6
  6. Feisal Salum – Yanga Sc – 4
  7. Matheo Anthony -KMC – 4
  8. John Bocco (Simba Sports Club) – 4
  9. Prince Dube (Azam Fc ) – 3
  10. Jaffar Kibaya ( Ihefu ) – 3
  11. Bakari Mwanyeto – Yanga SC – 2
  12. Tepsi Evance – Azam Football Club – 2
  13. Nassor Kiziwa – Mtibwa Sugar Football Club – 2
  14. Aziz Ki – Yanga sc – 2
  15. Habibu Kyombo -Simba sc -2
  16. Ally Salim Kipemba – Polisi Tanzania FC – 2
  17. George Mpole – Geita gold fc – 2
  18. George makang’a – Kmc – 2

The Tanzania Football Federation, which was formerly known as the Football Association of Tanzania, is the governing body for football in Tanzania and is responsible for managing the country’s various national teams. It was established in 1930, and it has been a part of FIFA continuously since 1964.

When it was first established in 1930, the organisation was known by the name Tanganyika Football Association. (TFA). In 1971, following a number of amendments that were made to its Constitution, the organisation was rechristened as the Football Association of Tanzania (FAT).

FAT continued to exist until 2004, when its name was officially changed to TFF by the General Assembly of the organisation on December 27 of that year.

After being ratified at the 14th and 15th General Assembly, which took place in Dar es Salaam, the current version of the TFF Constitution became operational on January 15, 2006.

In August of 2017, Jamal Malinzi resigned from his position as President of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), and Wallace Karia was elected to fill that role.

Because he believes that TFF regions and blocks are the ones who are most responsible for determining the direction of development, he is giving them more power as leader of the TFF.

The national football team of Tanzania.

The Tanzania national football squad (Timu ya Taifa ya Mpira wa Miguu ya Tanzania in Swahili) represents Tanzania in men’s international football. The Tanzania Football Federation, which is in charge of overseeing football in Tanzania, is in charge of running this organisation. The Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium in Dar es Salaam serves as their primary venue, and their head coach is also a native of Tanzania. People will occasionally refer to them as the Taifa Stars. The African nation of Tanzania has never been successful in qualifying for the World Cup. This team used to represent Tanganyika on the national football team before they joined forces with Zanzibar. They compete in football matches sanctioned by both FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

Although it is now an integral part of Tanzania, the island of Zanzibar was formerly its own sovereign nation. Even though it is an associate member of CAF and has competed in games against other countries, it is not eligible to compete in either the World Cup or the Africa Cup of Nations. Check out the Zanzibar national football team.