Jinsi ya kucheza mchongo pesa

Mchongo Pesa ofnrdfhniod - Bekaboy
Jinsi ya kucheza mchongo pesa

Jinsi ya kucheza mchongo pesa -Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in the lottery game Mchongo Pesa, which is run by the clouds. This game is overseen by the Tanzania Gambling Council, and it offers a wide variety of prizes to whoever emerges victorious from the respective draw.

This betting game offers players the chance to win a wide variety of prizes, some of which include subwoofer speakers, cash, a smart television, a smart phone, football jerseys, and many more. If you are at least 18 years old and you want to participate in this game, but you don’t know how to participate, then keep reading this post because we will walk you through each step of how to play Mchongo Pesa Ya Clouds Tv. If you meet the criteria, then you are eligible to participate in this game.

Jinsi ya kucheza mchongo pesa

Jinsi ya kucheza mchongo pesa
Jinsi ya kucheza mchongo pesa

Jinsi ya Kucheza Mchongo Pesa Using Tigo Vodacom And Airtel Network.

  • STEP 1. Click on your network payment menu ( *150*00# for M-pesa, *150*60# Airtel Money, *150*01# For Tigopesa)
  • STEP 2. Select Pay Bill.
  • STEP 3. Then enter the Company number (321333).
  • STEP 4: Enter the reference number (Write the word PESA).
  • STEP 5: Enter the amount 1000.
  • STEP 6: Enter your PIN number.

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Kucheza Mchongopesa Using Halotel | Halopesa

  • On your phone Dial *150*88#
  • Select Number four (4) Bill Payment
  • Select number three (3) Enter business Number
  • Then enter MCHONGO PESA Business number 321333
  • Enter referrence number (PESA)
  • Enter amount ( Tzsh 1000 ) You should not enter any other amount othet than 1000
  • Enter your halopesa Pin
  • Then select 1 to confirm the payment

Keep in mind that participants must be at least 18 years old, and that all standard terms and conditions apply.