Top 10 Songs this week in Tanzania 21-28 October -AUDIOMACK

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Top 10 Songs this week in Tanzania (21-28 October) -AUDIOMACK

Top 10 Songs this week in Tanzania (21-28 October) -AUDIOMACK –Audiomack is a platform for on-demand music streaming as well as audio discovery. On this platform, artists and creators are able to publish an unlimited amount of music as well as podcasts for users to access via Audiomack’s mobile apps and website.

The following is AudioMack’s list of the top 10 songs that have been downloaded in Tanzania over the past week. It is common knowledge that Tanzania is the birthplace of the Bongo Flava musical genre.

The music of Tanzania is also referred to by its nickname, Bongo Flava. The music style emerged in the 1990s, mostly as a derivative of American hip hop and native Tanzanian traditions such as taarab and dansi. Additionally, the genre was influenced by reggae, R&B, and afrobeats, which helped it to develop into its own distinct form of music.

Here is a Top 10 list of Songs this week in Tanzania – AudioMack