Top 10 Gospel Songs Tanzania 2022

Top 10 Gospel Songs Tanzania 2022

Top 10 Gospel Songs Tanzania 2022 -Gospel music is one of the most listened to genres of music across East Africa, and in particular in Tanzania.

For many the positive songs really help to heal the heart, and the praise and worship lyrics are some that everyone in the family and the community can enjoy.

Gospel has evolved considerably as a genre over the past decade – it’s no longer just music that is sung in Church, but is now a way for people – both young and old – to express themselves while praising the name of He who is Lord. From slower songs, to more energetic numbers that encourage you to get up and dance, there is definitely a little something for anyone who is seeking inspiration from praise and worship music.

And for the streaming generation, you are in luck! On Boomplay there is a massive variety of gospel songs from both major artists as well as up and coming musicians – much of which you can download for free, save to your device and listen to whenever the mood takes you! 

There is something for everyone at any point in time.

Check out ten of the top Gospel songs in Tanzania, available for download! 

  1. Naziona Baraka – Mathias Walichupa

The top Gospel song in Tanzania comes courtesy of Mathias Walichupa, who manages to bring forth a beautiful melody, along with divinely inspired lyrics, that talks about the blessings available to us all.


  1. Nimemuona- Angel Benard

The great thing about Gospel music is seeing the rest diversity of artists who sing the praises of the creator. Angel Benard is a huge name in the genre, and does justice to this song of jubilation and thankfulness.

  1. Come and See – Angel Benard

Another stunning song from Angel Benard keeps the artists among the top Gospel artists with hugely popular songs for download. A softly sung praise filled proclamation of love for the Lord. She manages to sound sincere and authentic as she sings of the wondrous work that the Lord has done for her in her life

  1. Adui – Martha Mwaipaja 

Martha Mwaipaja’s beautifully haunting vocals are stunning in this song that offers lessons on exactly why God should be praised and what He can do for you in your life. It’s a catchy song that is certain to be sung for months to come

  1. Napendwa Na Mungu ft Bony Mwaitege

Martha Mwaipaja sounds just as effortless on a collaboration as she does when she is solo on her own song. “I’m loved by the Lord” she sings, and you can believe it. She makes an exceptional co-star alongside Mwaitege, who also shines on the track

  1. You Are Good ft. Gwamaka Makalinga – Jessica Honore

Jessica Honore is one of East Africa’s brightest of stars, with a voice as powerful as it is expressive. She collaborates on this song with Mwakalinga who’s equally powerful vocal delivery take the song to a new level. A stunning display of praise and worship that sounds as affecting as a church hymn. 

  1. Baada Ya Ndoa – Zabron Singers

A praise and worship song that is built to make you get up and dance. Bright and punchy storytelling from the Zablon Singers delivers! 

  1. They That Wait ft Mercy Masika – Celestine Donkor

Celestine collaborates from Mercy Masika from Kenya on what is a powerful testament calling on those who wait on the Lord to do so, in the knowledge that they will receive the gifts they have been promised. The live version of this song is haunting and a wonderful collaboration between two such magnificent artists

  1. Hozi – Benjamin Weston

Money of the top gospel songs in Tanzania comes courtesy of a fixture, Weston, in his element. A sublime prayer to the Lord in this song.

  1. Mungu Wa Mazidisho – Benjamin Weston

Benjamin Weston holds another one of the top songs in Tanzania as we round out ten of the biggest gospel hits. Another song that shows off his powerful message to the fullest.

As you can see, the top Gospel songs in Tanzania are as varied as they are powerful. With artists such as Benjamin Weston, Jessica Honore and Martha Mwaipaja leading the way, it’s obvious that the genre will continue to grow and develop in leaps and bounds.

Who is your favourite artist out of all of the ones mentioned here? Take some time to explore the rest of the songs on the playlist, and you might find your new “best song ever” from the list!

Remember, all of these songs and more are available for free download, so you can take the message of the Lord with you, wherever you go!