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Sweet Lie Swahili Azam TV | Benim Tatli Yalanim

Sweet Lie Swahili Azam TV | Benim Tatli Yalanim

Sweet Lie Swahili -My Sweet Lie is a Turkish production of comedy and drama written by Deniz Darg, Murat Taşkent, Cenk Boatur, and Cem Gorgec. The first episode of the series was published on 13 June 2019, and it was directed by Barş Ercetin and Cihan Vural. The series is being produced by O3 Medya for their television network. The conclusion of the series came with the airing of the 28th episode on December 28, 2019, marking the end of the series.

Original Title
: Benim Tatli Yalanim
English Title: My Sweet Lie
Also Known As:
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 10+
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period: June 13, 2019 –
Production Company: O3 Medya
Director: Baris Ercetin, Cihan Vural
Screen Writer: Deniz Dargi, Murat Taskent

Sweet Lie Swahili
Sweet Lie Swahili Azam TV


“Because his wife has left him, Nejat is lying to their daughter so that she won’t be sad about their situation. But as Kayra matures, the lies become increasingly difficult to endure. When Nejat believes that everything is about to come to an end, he is taken aback when he has an unanticipated encounter with Suna. The moment Suna became a part of their lives, everything in Nejat and Kayra’s world was turned upside down. Both Suna and Nejat were surprised to find themselves involved in such a pleasant game.