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Msondo Ngoma Music Band (formerly NUTA Jazz Band, Juwata Jazz Band then OTTU Jazz Band) is the oldest and most famous dance music band from Tanzania. The band was founded in 1964. Famous musicians of OTTU Jazz Band are Joseph Lusungu, Mnenge Ramadhani Muhiddin Maalim, Hassani Bitchuka, Saidi Mabera and Moshi William.

The band is based on the “National Union of Tanzania” (“Jumuiya ya Mankabi Tanzania” in Kiswahili, later “Organization of Tanzanian Trade Unions”); and from there it was called “NUTA”, later “Juwata” and later again “OTTU” then Msondo Ngoma which is still called that. Today most of the talented singers and composers of Msondo Ngoma have died including TX Moshi, Joseph Mahina, Suleiman Mbwembwe, Athumani Momba and Muhidin Maalim Gurumo who were actually the ones who were rocking this band.

Msondo Ngoma is one of the most rocking bands in the 1980s and 1990s – especially until the death of TX Moshi, who is said to be the greatest composer in the band. Going further, it is said that in one album, TX can compose 8 to 9 songs while the rest are composed by the community. There is a belief that since death came to TX the band slowed down and then the series of deaths of other members continued to happen.