Warere Beach Hotel Zanzibar – Zainab Oladehinde sexual assault claim

Warere beach hotel Zanzibar – Zainab Oladehinde sexual assault claim

Zanzibar Commission for Tourism dey investigate Zainab Oladehinde sexual assault claim wen she spend vacation inside Warere beach hotel.

Zainab, na Nigerian lady wey become guest of Warere beach hotel in April 2021 to mark her 23rd birthday but e become a sad experience, according to her.

For series of Twitter thread Zainab Oladehinde post on Saturday, she tok about di attack wey she experience wen she enta Zanzibar to holiday.

Warere beach hotel for Zanzibar don also reply Zainab Oladehinde, just read on for di full gist. Zanzibar na semi-autonomous territory (wey mean dem get dia own president but dey use Tanzania money) wey dey political union with Tanzania.

And one of dia major source of income na tourism.

Zainab Oladehinde tweet about her Zanzibar hotel experience

“Few hours into my sleep (on my birthday), I start to feel strange hand dey touch my breast.” Zainab Oladehinde post thread for Twitter.

Di Nigerian lady describe her experience as traumatic, as she say she bin need therapy afta wetin happun.

Zainab suppose spend six days for di Warere Beach Hotel for Zanzibar wen di incident happun.

And she say she travel all by her sef for dis trip, despite all her fears.

“Now dis na me wey bin dey sleep naked for my hotel room wey di door bin dey locked,

“So I bin tink say na dream. Na wetin I tell my self before I sleep back”.

She go into detail as to how a few minutes later, di strange man wey enta her room, start to dey use her hands to please imself – touch im penis.

Na dat moment she wide her eyes to see weda true-true she dey in danger, di lady tok.

Zainab recount as di strange man wey enta her locked room bin wan climb her before she come lie give am say she get HIV as she dey cry.

Na so di strange man start to dey strangle am, then “as I dey struggle so e no go strangle me, na im e comot di room say e go come back with condom”. She tok for di tweet thread.

Afta dis incident, she add say she come find out say apart from di attempted rape, dem bin steal di $1,100 wey she keep for bag.

Zainab come recall how she run leave her room, to enta di room of one Russian couple wey bin make friends with di day before.

Di male Russian even gree to do video to verify di events.

She tok say, she report di mata to di hotel owner, and even go police station wia dem throw am out say, no body rape am.

Warere beach hotel Zanzibar reply Zainab Oladehinde.

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