Harmonize defends Diamond over Cheche copyright strike

Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz’s fans have created a hatred for each other that is unmatched, but it seems their stars are not willing to show the same enthusiasm. This was evident after a fan got the wrong reaction from Harmonize after sharing some information with the singer about his great rival.

The fan went on Instagram reminding Harmonize about the recent takedown of the Cheche music video, by Zuchu and Diamond, from Youtube – over a copyright claim. Harmonize was however uninterested in the conversation and asked why the fan was delighted with such news and thought it would please him.

The Uno hitmaker told his supporter that copying other people’s work was now normal especially if you have done a lot and the mind was full. “Did you think you would impress me with this news? Its just an accident at work and copying is now normal especially when you have done a lot and the mind is full. By God’s might my it return and may we have mercy on each other,” he said.