Who is Crisda Rodriguez? Biography, Family, Net Worth and Death

Who is Crisda Rodriguez? Biography, Family, Net Worth and Death -On Instagram, Crisda Rodriguez (also known as Kyrzayda Rodriguez) was one of the most well-known and prominent fashion bloggers. She shared her love of fashion, fitness, travel, and beauty with her over 500,000 followers.

She was a fighter who battled stage 4 stomach cancer till her passing in 2018. She was also a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a fighter. We shall talk about her life, career, accomplishments, and legacy in this post.

Early Life and Education

On August 18, 1978, Kyrzayda Rodriguez was born in the Dominican Republic. She was Isabel Cruz’s and Pedro F. Rodriguez’s child. She has a brother named Pedro Jr. and a sister named Yaritza as siblings. She had a deep belief in God because she was raised in a Christian family.

When she was three years old, she immigrated to the country and resided in New Jersey. She graduated from Passaic High School in 1996. Later on, she attended Bergen Community College where she graduated with an associate’s degree in business management.

Crisda Rodriguez WIKI/BIO
NameCrisda Rodriguez
Other NameKyrzayda Rodriguez
Birth DateAugust 18, 1978
Birth PlaceDominican Republic
Death DateSeptember 9, 2018
Death PlaceNew Jersey, USA
Cause of DeathStomach Cancer
Zodiac SignLeo
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionFashion Blogger, Stylist, Personal Trainer, TV Personality
Net Worth$500,000


Crisda Rodriguezz had a varied and fruitful career spanning several industries. In addition to being a personal trainer, she has worked as a stylist, social media developer, TV personality, and blogger.

In 2009, she began working as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. She assisted numerous clients in achieving their health and fitness objectives. She also created K-Fit, her own workout application.

She subsequently worked at a store called Xios in Clifton, New Jersey, to further her enthusiasm for fashion and styling. She rose to prominence in the business as the store’s stylist and social media strategist. Additionally, she had several TV appearances, including ones on Buenos Dias New York and Glam Fairy.

In 2015, she opened Kyrz’s Closet, an online store where she offered clothes, accessories, shoes and bags that embodied her own sense of style. She also launched her own blog and Instagram account, where she spoke with her followers and shared her clothes, advice, reviews, partnerships, and inspirations.

She immediately rose to prominence as one of Instagram’s most influential and well-liked fashion bloggers. She collaborated with a variety of companies, including Revolve, Nordstrom, Express, Macy’s, Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and others. She also went to other fashion-related events, including Coachella, Miami Swim Week, and New York Fashion Week.

She was renowned for her distinctive and adaptable style, which combined expensive and inexpensive things. She was also admired for her cheerful outlook, sincerity, friendliness, and authenticity. She served as an inspiration to many with her mantra, “Passion is what drives me.”

Marriage, Husband, and Family

Kiandra Pinto, who was born in 1997, was the daughter of Crisda Rodriguez, a devoted mother. She and her daughter shared a close relationship, and she always encouraged her. Kiandra started blogging about fashion after imitating her mother.

Kiandra’s father, Luis Pinto, was married to Kyrzayda Rodriguez. However, after 15 years of marriage, they got a divorce in 2012. She continued to be friends with Luis and shared parenting of their child.

Also very close were Crisda Rodriguez’s parents, brothers, nieces, and nephews. She spent a lot of time with them while she was visiting them in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, she had lots of acquaintances in the fashion world who helped her along the way.

On August 18, 1978, she was born in the Dominican Republic. She was Isabel Cruz’s and Pedro F. Rodriguez’s child. She was renowned for her upbeat demeanour, her fashionable attire, and her online store, Kyrz’s Closet. Her bravery and grace influenced a lot of people.

Cancer Diagnosis and Death

Crisda Rodriguez was identified as having stage 4 stomach cancer in November 2017. She begged her Instagram followers to pray as she shared the news with them. She made the decision to share her highs and lows with her followers on social media as she battled cancer.

Her hair, weight, and energy were all lost as a result of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments she had. She never did, however, lose her laugh, her faith, or her love of fashion. She kept sharing photos of her everyday attire, motivational sayings, updates on her health, and expressions of thankfulness for life.

Additionally, she received an abundance of love, support, and inspiration from her readers, friends, family, and other bloggers. In order to assist her with her medical costs, many people gave her presents, cards, flowers, and donations.