How to get DStv Now for PC, Android, iPhone, Smart TV app

DStv Now – For many subscribers, Multichoice’s decision to make its services available on many platforms represents a milestone. This indicates that the company has started an aggressive internet streaming phase in an effort to keep and grow its customer base.

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Six years ago, the business introduced the DStv Now app as a mobile-first offering. Because of this, it worked with both the Android and iOS operating systems. But as technology has developed, new applications have appeared that have forced the company to change its business strategies and move more quickly into the online streaming market. Accessing DStv channels is now simpler thanks to such services.

How to install DStv Now for PC

The way Multichoice has transformed the television industry is amazing. However, new competitors and the popularity of other streaming websites pose a threat to significantly reduce their user base. They have expanded their market reach by launching their streaming services through the DStv Now app.

They are now making their streaming application available to PC owners. Anyone with a computer, an active internet connection, and the DStv Now app can download it for free. It’s interesting that PC owners benefit even more from using this streaming service. They can watch the video offline by immediately downloading it to their storage. I want to download the DStv Now app.

Step 1: Download an Android emulator application

The only way that you can install any DStv Now app for PC free download is via an Android emulator. The application is not compatible with a PC operating system, hence the need for an emulator.

There are other emulators for this purpose, but BlueStacks is the most well-liked due to its full capabilities. You can also download the Android App Play emulator from the Mac App Store or Windows AppStore.

Step 2: Install the app emulator

If you downloaded the programme from the official PC store, it would already be installed. On the other hand, if you downloaded it from a non-official source, you will need to find and install it on your computer. Till the software is successfully installed on your computer, adhere to all the instructions displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Open the installed emulator

You must launch the programme and access its user interface in order to proceed with the DStv Now setup for PC. You will be guided through specific setup and customization procedures by the software. Find the Google Play Store there, then look for the DStv Now apk there

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The emulator’s user experience is comparable to that of your smartphone, and installing programmes will involve following the customary steps. Open the app drawer after installation to access your collection of programmes.

Click on the DStv Now app that you have just downloaded and installed to access its interface. Follow all the instructions on the screen to start watching your favourite channels.

Streaming DStv on Android

Do you desire free access to DStv on Android? Good news! Using the DStv Now app, there are creative methods to do this on your Android phone. Multichoice started with the smartphone application when they made the decision to enter the world of online streaming, and their user base has since greatly increased.

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You may now live stream anything you want instead of watching it on your satellite decoder thanks to the DStv Now app. Many people found this service to be very flexible because it allowed them to catch up on their favourite shows, movies, documentaries, and sports.

Step 1: Visit Google Playstore

The application is available on the official Google Playstore, and you can access it by using the search function. On the search space, write “DStv Now”, and you will get a couple of results including the Supersport TV app. Ensure that you choose the one

Step 2: Install the application

After you click the install button, the application starts downloading. Allow the process to complete before checking your app drawer.

Step 3: Open the app

Click the programme after finding it in your add drawer. You can access the application’s interface once you’ve opened it. To use the app, simply follow the instructions for signing up or logging in.

Step 4: Registering or logging in

This is a critical stage, as it will give you the capability of accessing the application. There are two alternatives: “Register,” and “I have DStv.” The second option is for those individuals with an active subscription whereby you will enter all the required details.

If you do not possess a decoder or have never registered with DStv, you will have to enter your details on the “register” platform. The process is the same when you are setting up on an iPhone, but you will visit the Apple Store for the application. You will also click the DStv Now register button if you are a new member.

How to watch DStv on your smart TV

One of the most significant breakthroughs for Multichoice is providing their clients with the capability of watching DStv on their smart TVs. This means that you can easily download the DStv Now app for Samsung smart TV or any other platform and start enjoying your favourite shows.

How does DStv Now app work?

When you have the DStv Now app installed on the available platforms, you can watch your favourite channels live. This way, you will never have to miss anything when you are on the move. Another great feature is that you can download shows to watch offline. The DStv Explora even allows subscribers to schedule recordings.

Does DStv now work overseas?

Unfortunately, the DStv Now application is geo-restricted, and you can only watch it from your subscribed country. For instance, a client from South Africa that wants to watch using their account overseas will have to spoof their location probably with a Virtual Private Network.

How many people can watch DStv Now simultaneously?

DStv Now allows users to watch different streams at the same time on separate devices. This means that using a single account; you can stream content on a smart TV, tablet, phone, and even a decoder. This is amazing for those families that have children and are looking to make the most from their subscription.

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Multichoice is continuing its invasion of the online space, and it will be no surprise to find them in the pay streaming business in the future. For now, they are developing their current streaming application to include more platforms. DStv Now for PC is a gamer changer as it has allowed many the flexibility of watching their favourite shows, in the best quality when they are away for business or pleasure.