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5 best sites to download Nollywood movies for offline watching

A sizable and devoted audience exists for Nigerian films, and this audience loves to keep up with the most recent releases. For those who like to view Nollywood films offline, there are many websites where they may be downloaded. Netizens are eager to find trustworthy locations where they may easily get these productions.

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Nollywood is Nigeria’s second-largest employer and produces about 50 films every week. Because there is such a strong demand for these movies, Naija movie fans have been looking for handy ways to watch them as they are released. Which websites are the finest for downloading Nollywood films, then?

Best sites to download Nollywood movies

There are a number of reasons why people would want to download films to watch later. They might be relocating to a location without internet access, so they download the flicks to keep them occupied. Here are some reliable websites where you may download free Nigerian films:

1. Iroko TV

Iroko TV, a subsidiary of Iroko Entertainment, is known as the Netflix of Africa. In 2011, Jason Njoku started this website. One of the biggest international distributors of Nollywood films is Iroko. ”Nollywood at your fingerprints” is the company’s slogan.

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Customers of Iroko TV are free to download and view any Nigerian movie. Customers who want to stream films, however, must pay a $20 monthly fee, which they can revoke at any moment. The website also offers a mobile application that customers may download and use to access their favourite shows after providing their login information.

Install the IrokoTV app from the Google Play Store to download Nigerian films. Users can be confident that the software is safe for their smartphones because it has received over 1 million downloads. Users of iOS and Apple TV can also access the app.

2. Ibaka TV

Blessing Under the aegis of Ibaka entertainment, Idornigie launched Ibaka TV. One of the most well-known websites for downloading free Nigerian films is Ibaka. You can access more than 15,000 hours of information on the website at your convenience.

An iOS and Android mobile app is available for anyone who want to download movies from IbakaTV. Additionally, the app is accessible on smart TVs powered by Samsung, Roku, Android, or Apple TV. The app has more than 100,000 installations to date. Over 700,000 people throughout the world are Ibaka’s YouTube subscribers.

3. Codedwap

This website’s entertainment section features the latest in Nigerian humour, music, and movies. Another fantastic choice for movie buffs looking to stream Nollywood flicks is

Users can, however, free download the movie to watch them offline. To keep fans informed, the website publishes high-quality and recent movie content. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for visitors to explore the sites and discover what they are looking for.

4. Naijapals

One of the largest platforms in Africa that mixes social networking and entertainment is NaijaPals, which was launched in 2007. Users of the website can stream or download the most recent Nollywood films.

Customers can catch up on the most recent news and talk or connect with pals on this site, which is one of its distinctive features. Additionally, those with social network profiles can log in. Furthermore, all of the content on the platform is open-source.

5. NollyLand

For movie buffs who want to download Nigerian films to view later, NollyLand is yet another choice. In addition, it is a streaming service. The website prides itself on being created by Africans and bills itself as Africa’s first top-tier movie platform.

The website contains well-organized thumbnails to make it simple to navigate between pages or skip to any movie scene. The NollyLand mobile apps are additionally accessible for a variety of devices through the Google Play Store, Apple, and Blackberry.

Nowadays, you can access entertainment platforms from the comfort of your device or computer. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure the sites you choose to download Nollywood movies from are legitimate in order to protect your device.

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The most popular of these websites is YTS YIFY. Users can sort the site’s enormous movie library of films by genre, alphabetically, and by user ratings. C123 Movies is an additional choice. You only need to join up on this user-friendly website before you can access the information. Others include Archive Movies,, and